Botanic Garden 4 Piece Hostess Set

This 19 inch grape oblong tray continues to retain its popularity with Arthur Court collectors. The length of this tray makes it a versatile piece, and great for serving appetizers, breads or desserts. In the center, is a mirror-like finish, with a beautifully detailed grapevine design the surrounds the edges. The decorative metal is manufactured using Arthur Court's signature premium aluminum alloy.

French Bull continues to be ahead of the curve in reinterpreting everyday staples with a fresh look for a contemporary lifestyle. These Jungle plates for kids, like many of their other products, are made of 100 -percent melamine. Melamine is resistant to high heat, it's shatterproof, and an ideal ground for pattern. Plus, melamine does not easily absorb fluids from food, which helps you avoid contaminating your food with harmful bacteria – a leading cause of illness and food poisoning.


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